Sunday, December 31, 2006

Aidil Adha & 2007.

Early morning breakfast together with the clan is a must for every Aidil Adha or Aidil Fitri.

As it was EARLY, no one would like their pictures taken… Muka mengantuk… Except for the beautiful baby in the house (my latest anak buah) the rest would say “Alah tunggulah orang mandi and lawa-lawa dulu, baru ambik gambar, apalah Pak Ngah ni”.

So I took pictures of the cats instead.

Anyway, Raya gathering with the clan is a fun time and also a time to reflect and be thankful to Allah for all the pleasures in life.


Malaysians are making waves overseas.

We are contributing a great deal in the development of Dubai, economic activities in Indonesia and Europe. We have experts in many fields in many parts of the world. Malaysian entrepreneurs are everywhere.

BUT… TV programmes in Malaysia seldom highlight these, instead producers are still stuck with programmes on dunia artis, artis kena santau, pelacuran di KL, ilmu hitam, mengubat resdung… ohh penat. And then dramatize them, get people to call in and discuss the issues – the reason? Kononnya untuk menyedarkan rakyat.. Please…. I know how trash can bring in the ratings… I was there once… But we have to be responsible broadcasters... Not merely rating hunters and money makers… Content pun ada ‘Fardu Kifayah’ beb.

If we keep on feeding our people with cerita-cerita lama (seolah-olah kerangka pemikiran kita tak berubah langsung), we will not know how to look for ilmu-ilmu baru. Janganlah buang masa prime time with programmes yang kononnya ada mass appeal tapi tak ada ‘inspiring’ values to make us great people (what was the word again… ‘towering’?) – atau memang ada movement supaya suruh penonton jangan pandai, supaya senang sikit nak digembalakan?.

A famous Malay surgeon working in California (who is also an old boy of Malay College and a columnist) will make a good story. Making big bucks in Pakistan (yes, my friend is there), is another good story. Making a living in the Caribbean would provide nice visuals to the audience. Raising a family in London is an interesting story too.

Infact, tak payah pergi jauh… in ASEAN countries, there are a lot of stories. Malaysian yang jaga plantations, yang buat construction, yang jadi venture capitalist – banyak bang oi….

I letihlah tengok cerita ilmu hitam, artis kena santau, pelacur, rempit.

OKlah enough, nanti ramai orang marah pulak… Malaysia ni tak boleh kritik, sensitive… Dulu I kritik ada satu program ni, kemudian dapat SMS daripada boss besar dia yang suruh I tengok Forum Perdana kalau tak suka tengok program dia orang… Ish ish ish… ada ker patut…