Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Christmas Eve with the Bargreaves Ballerz

I must get me a ‘real’ camera.

My Nokia camera-phone ni, kalau ambik gambar dalam gelap, hasilnya macam kena penangan semburan debu volcano Mount St Helens & Mount Pinatubo.

Anyway, on Christmas Eve, about 80 of us, gathered at St Bul’s (Nik Azmi’s) house in Ampang to celebrate the Ballerz’s brilliant performance at the MCOBA Annual Dinner held recently at Istana Besar Seri Menanti.

Food was obscenely sedap and with kambing golek spread eagle, our makan-makan jadi ‘hampir orgasm’.

We had lots of fun watching the edited version of the sketch performed at Seri Menanti while exchanging PG and X-rated jokes.

And the MCOBAND, seperti biasa ‘effortlessly’, provided the entertainment. Best.

While the music was blasting, I sempat jugak discuss business with Hakim and a couple others.

MCOBs = pool yang penuh dengan talent. We have experts in almost all fields/areas. Oh BTW, MCOBs = Malay College Old Boys. And our network teramatlah kukuh.


Moving on to other subjects,

Inspiration can come from anywhere, not necessary from leaders or big people. Over the weekend, I was inspired by my former student/staff who has been successful as a media rep. Congratulations NK Anuar.