Sunday, January 07, 2007

Hello Jakarta...

Mokciknab's beautiful house in Jakarta

Sometimes talking to friends = therapy dan motivasi yang paling mujarab.

Me, Rizal and Mokciknab bersembang panjang this morning on the telephone.

Mokciknab just had to talk to orang yang kepala ‘ek-oq’ (that’s us) to keep her sane in Jakarta -- We all kat sini sama gak. So now we are so inspired to work on a Monday by just talking nothing really – it’s the feeling that we are there for each other yang penting.

Anyway, over the weekend I read a very interesting article in The Star about Zang Toi – how he started, the pains, the ups and downs, and managing success in the Big Apple.

Stories like this can help make us strong to make it big in the business world. Kalau budak Kuala Krai boleh berani meredah lautan, takkan budak urban dan urbane plus sophisticated tak boleh!

Actually therapy is when we can ‘double check’ ourselves, either sendiri or with kengkawan. Kan kan kan?