Thursday, January 11, 2007


Someone sudah 'langgar' my car from behind yesterday.
Papa Khalid was driving and I was sitting in the front-left seat.

The guy got out of the car and was shocked and he apologized over and over.

And guess what we said to him...

"Are you alright? It's OK, just a little scratch."

And we exchanged cards and information and we said, "Let's go have something to eat, have tea perhaps..."

And the guy who expected a "YELL" didn't know how to react.

Look Chong, there's nothing wrong with the car, relax... sometimes, kita tak sengaja tersondol kereta orang, so Chong, it's OK... Jangan risau.

Chong called later to apologize again... And I said, don't worry, just calar sikit jer...

And he said, "You Suhaimi the Artiste kan? Are you sure your car is OK?" (Artiste?)

"OK, OK, have a good rest and see you in Sungai Petani, someday..." (He is from Sg Petani, visiting KL at the mo...).