Thursday, January 18, 2007

The best might not necessarily end up in the best position.

Kak Limah makes the best sambal ikan bilis (other than my mom of course).

But Kak Limah operates from some obscure place in Chow Kit. Only the sambal and nasi lemak connoisseurs know how to get access to Kak Limah’s lauk-pauk.

Kak Limah once tried to go ‘mainstream’, with partners, investors and spin doctors but she was not happy as those 'non-hands-on accountants' cut her expenditures on bawang, bawang putih etc.

Today, she is happier going at her on pace, on small scale, enough to pay her obligations.

But she is still the best, better than those Global Brands.

Only that she will not have surplus $$$ to enjoy 3G internet access using Nokia N80 and write enlightening blogs (which could end up disaman oleh individu dan organisasi gergasi) .

And we all end up eating low quality lauk-pauk from all those 'kununnya' global players.

Ha... itu baru kiasan atau pembayang maksud... fikirkanlah... kitakan pandai...

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