Thursday, December 14, 2006

Getting things done…

I have many friends who would constantly express their frustrations to me because they have lousy bosses that they report to at work.

My ‘pesan’ to them, senang jer:

1. Do something about it, or
2. Quit and start your own company.

If you want to do something about it, try reading “Lateral Leadership – Getting Things Done When You Are Not the Boss” by Roger Fisher, and cuba cadangan mamat tu..

I bought the book in 1999 to help me survive the madness of the newsroom in TV3. No, not that my bosses were bad – hmmm, adalah satu dua yang macam _ _ _ _, but most of them professional, bagus, especially Puad Onah, Yunus Said, Mohd Musa, Hardev Kaur and most of all Datuk Kelly, Datuk Zahari Omar dan ramai lagi. And until today, they inspire me.

Anyway, the author has a few tips, among them:

1. Using our personal skills systematically.
2. Understanding the ‘big picture’.

When organizations become more horizontal, communicational problems become more acute. And lagi teruk, we have to work with others, most of whom we can’t tell what to do or how to do the required tasks/chores.

As such, conflict becomes inevitable.

I tried many of the suggestions and I came out a winner. It’s all about clear-thinking and creative persuasion and ‘influence’.

But why I left? Because I need to ‘grow’…

Me growing and growing

Selamat beramal.