Saturday, April 09, 2005


We had a great time with Tunku Datuk Seri Adnan Tunku Besar Burhanuddin and Tunku Vic at the family's beautiful house, Amanjiwo at Country Heights.

Tunku Vic and the MCOBA President and family were great hosts.

Mohsein was there and we talked about an interesting branding possibility for his business.

The great Kol Adnan and the funky General was there too. Nice to hear great tales about Indonesia from the General. Of course Kol Adnan was in his elements.

Wawa was there, but didn't get a chance to tell him how great the souvenir programme book was as I was about to leave when he arrived.

Then there were George, Erick (of Regatta Dot Blonde), Mon, Peejoun and the rest of the CCD committee members. Of course Latt was there, looking dashing in his red linen shirt.

When we were at MCKK for the Centenary celebrations, it rained. And at Amanjiwo, it rained too.. but the rain made the gathering at Amanjiwo so wonderful.. And my Jiwo was definitely Aman at Amanjiwo.

Till we meet again, it was a great experience working with the committee.

And to Morky Moqq, I'm preparing the branding and positioning plan -- see I'm not just gorgeous. And please update your fotoblog la..