Sunday, March 06, 2005

Media Interview

Today, a journalist sent me a list of questions to answer for her newspaper.

And here are my answers:

1. Name: Suhaimi Sulaiman

2. Age: 42 (many say I look much younger – perasan). My birthday is May 15. You better buy
me presents!!

3. Current Occupation: I call myself a Media Strategist. I run a Content Creation &
And what exactly we do?

Conduct Media Training.
Provide content for the traditional and new media.
Event management.
Media Relations.

4. Place of birth: Hospital Besar Melaka (the haunted hospital— it looks like one)

5. Education: Primary -- 3 different primary schools. One in Melaka, one in Kajang and one in
KL. Secondary – The Malay College Kuala Kangsar (1975-1979).
Tertiary -- Bachelor of Science in Business Administration (Portland State University,
Portland, Oregon), MBA (City University, Oregon/Washington).

6. Greatest Academic Achievement: Tough to say – I was not an Einstein. My CGPA was 3.33
for my first degree. In the Masters programme, my CGPA was 3.83. That’s not bad right?

7. List of jobs and positions held:
I have a long list. Here goes:

Bank Executive, Bank of Commerce (1987 to 1990)
From 1990 to 2002, I held the following positions at TV3:
i. Broadcast journalist.
ii. Assistant Producer.
iii. Producer.
iv. Senior Producer.
v. Assignment Editor.
vi. Anchor.
vii. Head, News & Current
viii. Manager.
ix. Consultant.

And now, Media Strategist.

8. Greatest occupational achievements: Lots. To me it is not the awards that you received or
the media glorifying what you do. For me, if you could help the nation, individuals or
organizations in the best way you can – that is achievement.

I guess as a communicator, I have done some good things, but it is for the public to say
whether I have been good or great.

9. Greatest challenge ever faced: Moving mountains!! Yes, it’s tough to get people to change
with you to make that quantum leap. Sometimes I have to do it alone – that explains why I
decide to open my own company – I now move hills and will move mountains and volcanoes

10. Fondest moment while in the media line: When I met strangers on the street and they
congratulated me on the reports that I have produced.

11. Most hilarious moments while on assignment: People mistaking me for either one of the
following people:

Chef Ismail,
Mahathir Lokman (no way, I’m much slimmer)

12. Opinions on the future Malaysian Media: The media must be relevant or else it will die of a
painful death.

Malaysians are intelligent people, urban or rural. They know how to read between the
lines. It is what that is not reported that they are curious to know. So there you are – go

13. Which do you consider yourself and why? Eternal Optimist or Racing Rat (always on the
go) or Survivor or EinCasso (Einstein+ Picasso)

All of the above. Why? I have to be an Eternal Optimist to look into the future and find new
opportunities. I’m a rat, I mean racing rat – you have to meet crazy deadlines from
demanding clients who pay you ‘cipoots’. I’m a survivor – so far I have survived major
crisis. An Eincasso of course – I must know how to change the light bulbs and match colours
of the furnitures and drapes.

14. Advise for aspiring media practitioners: Read a lot – the last thing you would want to be is
an ignorant journalist. You can write better when you read other people’s writing.

15. Draw yourself as you see yourself

Here’s the ever gorgeous Suhaimi: