Wednesday, September 24, 2008


Me, Dangsuria & Roy

It’s 8:25 pm.

I just got back from buka puasa with Jef at Carls Jr, Pavilion, my favourite.

And we had Baskin-Robbins’ ice cream for dessert.

And Ramadan is coming to an end. It was just like yesterday when we started fasting.
It’s just so fast.

Every time Syawal comes, I will thank God, for giving me the chance to celebrate Raya with my parents who are already in their 70s. I don’t think I can handle Syawal without them though I know it will be soon... not too long from now … So it makes me appreciate quality time with mom and dad so much.


It’s that time again when colleagues will sell kuih at the office.

I bought kuih sepit and kuih bangkit, my favourite.

And I don’t think they will last for Raya.

My AWANI brothers and sisters have been consuming them during buka puasa.

And that is the best … Makan kuih with good friends.


On Friday they will leave KL.

Roul will go back to Terendak Camp.

Fiza will go back to Batu Pahat.

Samson to Temerloh.

And Azman will balik kampong to Semenyih (yang ini dekat, boleh pergi).

My subordinates will not be around for a week. I will be so lonely at the Newsroom… no one to tease and gurau with… I will miss them.

I will surely miss Dangsuria’s laughter, Kam’s cheeky remarks, Nazri’s attempts at being funny, Mama Rina’s half-baked jokes and double vision and Kate’s irritating ringtone.

Jef will go home to Bahau on Saturday. I will miss his company and witty remarks. He will sure look dashing on Raya day in his Turquoise Baju Melayu.

I will be home in Sungai Ramal with Mom and Dad.

To everyone, Selamat Hari Raya and have a safe journey home.

To the special people in my life – I love you – and you know who you are