Sunday, March 26, 2006

The MCOBA President’s Nite was a blast!!

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Had a wonderful time at Lake Club last nite...

Tapi I lupa bawak camera!!!

Of courselah we snapped the table nearest to the food – yeah my idea – itu sebablah badan sedap-sedap.

As usual the same people turned up – tapi Morky Moqq tak datanglah pulak – he said he had something important to attend to – kami paham.

Had a great time catching up with Kichi, Rizal, Wawa, Datuk Kelly, TAB, Bullet, Radin & partner, Kecok, Apek, Peejoun, Azlanhazli, Latt, Hasnul and the rest of the budak-budak Kolek.

Anyway Moqq you must join us for the Old Boys Weekend. I booked 4 bilik kat hotel murahan Sri Kangsar – Hotel for the ‘stars’. PARTY TIME...