Friday, March 10, 2006

Firomli The Weatherman tagged me!!

Oh, I’m hopeless when it comes to ‘revealing’ – coz I really lead a boring (capital B) life.

Anyway, tag punya pasal….

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5 things you can do

1. I can sing – very well – but the recording companies failed to discover me – their talent scouts should be fired!!!

2. I can cook – just ask those who were with me at Portland State University – my chicken curry, sambal udang, curry oyster, nasi farsi memang best -- but nowadays, I prefer to only eat.

3. I can make you happy – aha… see, never try never know wor…

4. I can sketch – see my designs – I’m working on some deals now – midlife career change – more like midlife crisis (says Cekem).

5. I can eat – A LOT!!!

5 things that scare you

1. Rejection – That’s why I never start. Penakut macam tikus (eh... wrong .. the tikus in Bangsar berani bukan main...besarlak tu)

2. Hantu – There are 3 or 4 in the office.

3. Lost in space – I like to venture aimlessly.

4. Snake – It applies to humans with snake like tendencies too.

5. Heights – No…. let’s do it downstairs… hahhaha

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5 things you can’t do without.

1. Sambal (mom’s sambal udang and sambal ikan).

2. Hair dryer – the hair on my head should trade places with the hair on other parts of my body. The hair on the head = frizzy. So I need to blow dry ‘em straight every single morning – penat lah brader.

3. Hair spray – Coz it’s humid here, I have to spray the artificially straightened hair to keep ‘em straight throughout the day.

4. Miyami -- to make sure I don’t look like I just finished cooking in the kitchen – I have a very oily face.

5. Lipliner – coz my lips = so discoloured that I will look ‘extremely poor and sick’ without a bit of lipcolour – gloss tak main lah. (I’m so shallow kan?)

5 things that you love

1. My family.

2. My good friends (not many – they know who they are).

3. My self – narcissistic to the max.

4. My space.

5. Beautiful surroundings.

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5 things that you hate

1. Bad people.

2. Bad people pretending to be good.

3. Users – relatively good people making use of really nice people.

4. People who are always late.

5. Self-centred humans – balik-balik nak ikut syok dia jer… selera dia… eh…tak larat…

5 random facts about you

1. Lovely personality – you think so?

2. When I fall in love, I’m a hopeless romantic – I’ll be your slave.

3. My place is a mess – lets go to your place…

4. I love hard boiled eggs – cholesterol lover.

5. I’m so easy to please – just put food at my door and I’ll make my way to your place/heart/soul.

5 things you want to do before you die.

1. Leave a mark – like what those animals do on trees and shrubs on Animal Planet – in other words – kecingkan tempat tu.

2. Do nice things.

3. Leave nice things.

4. Create lots of extremely nice things.

5. Spend good times with nice people.