Sunday, November 01, 2009


“Duduk betul-betul. Karang jatuh siapa susah… Azman, mak kata duduk betul-betul…”

And you really think the 5 year old is going to listen? Of course not! In an era where both mom and dad have to work very long hours in search of the meaning of life, they will not punish the kids. Why? Simple -- because they are guilty of spending so little time with their children. So they have to bribe them with gifts and give them almost total freedom to invade my space. The kids will just run and make noise in restaurants and irritate me to the max… If only they knew when I was small, Abang and I and later when Dokmen came to the world, we were not supposed to move once we were seated. No discipline in/at public places = no outing -- Grounded for a month, at least. And it worked. Perhaps that’s why today I am so anal about discipline during outings….


You can’t judge a book by its cover. An extra cool sportsman can be the most sentimental being on this planet. Yeah Shah Matrock layan Konsert Siti Nurhaliza. He is braving the rain to see the recording today at Angkasapuri – what do you know … I always believe a strong man (or woman) is one who is not afraid to show his/her vulnerability (and the V-word has been badly defined by society).


It was a memorable weekend indeed. After one week of the grueling Harvard Business School training dissecting case studies from 7:30 in the morning till past midnight, the weekend was a memorable one. How memorable?

1. Had a great chit chat session with Hafez and Abang Mohamad Noor at McDs Mon’t Kiara till about 4 am Saturday morning… I think Abang Mohamad Noor will have somewhere in his diary “…until 4 am, I was speechless listening to this crazy fat man blabbing about dono-wat at McDs…”

2. Saturdays’ Mee Rebus session with AK Shafizan Johari was a blast too – as usual we ate food enough to feed 8 people in some hungry region in the world. Later I bought another “ikan-laga-Siam”. I now have 12 already!! They are in 12 different glass containers. And yes, they are right to say ‘Suhaimi tu, kalau kau nak tahu, simpan anak ikan…” “Memanglah aku ada 12 ekor kat rumah…” “Ada aku kisah…” (Ooopppss evolving into A_ _ _ _ _ Alia? Oh tidak…).

3. The Dilhafifi birthday get-together was so much fun. Alexis @ Great Eastern mall was perfect. The Tokyo Blues Band was so cool too.
Dil, thank you for inviting me... And the nice things you said touched me...huhu...

4. And lunch and movie with Jefri & Matrock was a fun one. I am just so addicted to the Spaghetti Marinara at Chinoz@The Gardens. And the movie – The Time Traveler’s wife – was really interesting. It’s about a Chicago librarian who suffers from a rare genetic disorder that sends him hurtling through time whenever he is under extreme duress. Despite the fact that he vanishes at inordinately frequent and lengthy intervals, he attempts to build a stable future with the beautiful young heiress he loves. Eric Bana and Rachel McAdams star in this dramatic fantasy, which is directed by Robert Schwentke and based on the best-selling book by author Audrey Niffenegger. Sad ending though…

5. Tomorrow Jono will go to Mekah. Jono, I will miss u and doalah untuk I kat sana. Moga pulang dengan Haji Mabrur… You are great. AORJT.

Ah… Dilhafifi asked, Che Mi, anyone special in your life now? I said, entahlah ….