Monday, August 10, 2009

Era of Enlightenment


Pian came back from Singapore. He came to visit Rizal at Awani and stopped by to say hello to moi. He said he’s tired of Singapore and he wants to live life to the fullest in KL. I think, Pian being Pian, he will have no problems achieving that. Welcome home Pian.

I had a light lunch with Mukmin. He needed to see me to discuss his latest project. Mukmin is an enterprising young man. In his mid 20s he produces documentaries and many other tv programmes -- in addition to other communication ‘packages’. I am very honoured indeed as Mukmin would normally call me up to bounce ideas. I think Mukmin will go very far.

Next – preoccupation with ‘corner’ and ‘collection’.

I find it funny, even if they’re not situated at corners, restaurant operators named their outlets XXX Corner, YYY Corner, Mat Corner etc. Well, we can’t expect everyone to carry the battery operation Besta dictionary. Vocab alahai vocab.

Next, designers, tailors. Many of them named their outlets – XXX Collection, YYY Collection. Interesting….