Friday, February 27, 2009

Yes, yes, I will write...

In one of the mock-runs for a new programme

Me, Danguria and Yanie

Again, I was stopped the other day at a shopping Mall. This time at Sri Hartamas Shopping Centre.

And the lady said... "Can you please update your blog. Orang lain busy jugak, tapi still boleh update blog..."

I said, ok...ok..

Phew... pressure tu, orang lain boleh marah kalau tak update blog.

Anyway... There are many reasons why I tak update blog... Teramatlah busy... I know... I know... Ini reason takleh diterima akal. Hit me now... Bersalah. Ampun.

Anyway, what have I been up to?

Lots of things..

Among others, juggling responsibilities. I will be hosting 2 weekly shows this March and one new programme Mondays to Fridays in the evening. Tak tercabut kepalo atok ni ha!! But I love the challenge.

In addition to that I am also working on sponsorship, newsroom management, etc, etc. Ah, also, training the anchors on hosting LIVE talkshow. Love it. Like I always say... It is always the busy people who will get things done...

Me and Ellia in the Mentor-Mentee session

Ashwad delivering his line during the training


Dzul in a mock-run .

Mimi, a cool intern at AWANI.

Me and Nazri in a mock-run

Pelakon over terbaik ...

Pelakon pembantu over terbaik.

And what about love life? What is that? hahaha.

Today I want to share my latest 'hobby' -- yes... I am now into steam fish -- thanks to my health freak friends -- Zai and Hafez. Because of them I am now into steaming fish... Ikan yang best ialah Siakap.

Hafez & I

So I bought a brand new steamer. Easy to use. Tak mahal, 109 hengget.

For a pemalas guy like me who is now into healthy food (tapi kengkadang belasah gak Ice-Blended Mocha yang manis dan lemak tu), the steamer is easy to use.

OK, how to prepare siakap steam?

On the siakap fillet, taburkan lots of garlic, ginger and batang green onions. Coat with 2 teaspoons of oil and then masukkan dalam steamer for 10 minutes. Then angkat and put a bit of oyster sauce and fish sauce and garam. Then masuk balik for another 5 minutes. After that makan.


By the way, busy-busy pun sempat jugak lepak ngan kengkawan -- no, they came and dragged me out of the house!

Waiting for my hair colour to develop

Me, Hafez & Schubern

Shubern, Dino, Hafez, me, Dangsuria and Yanie