Wednesday, December 17, 2008



No, I will not write about that as I am not an expert on the subject.

I decided to put the picture to attract your attention. Gotcha...


Now, where do I start?

It has been a long time indeed.

I have been so busy with work and now that I am on leave I have some time to juggle between planning for new programmes for AWANI next year, write my book with Hafez & Enaarip, sort out my prorities in life -- being reasonable & all and of course update this blog.

And yes, reward myself silly with objects and more objects that will help me feel good about myself -- oh yes, humans not included because I can't own them!!!



Today after more than 2 weeks, Din is still in the hospital.

He has been transferred from Selangor Medical Centre to UMMC.

And the doctor said, he has a 'strange' illness that originated from Africa, short of just saying 'penyakit apa'. Oh yes, read my previous earlier.

He went through a minor operation. They sucked out some 'liquid' from his body and he should be out of the hospital within 3 days or so.

I hope he will recover really soon.


Met Syafique yesterday with Rozy.

Syafique is a very promising young man who has all the pre-req of an anchor. As a talent 'headhunter' I have been proven right like 75 percent of the time.

But the gruelling part is the training and the talent must be able to survive the very trying environment that he or she has to be in to carve a niche in the industry.

All the best Syafique.


And I am still undecided where I should go for a holiday.

As long as there is pancake it will be fine. French toast will be be fine too. And if the place has a kitchen, I will cook my sambal ikan bilis.

I just need to take a break and think.

And meet people and continue learning by observing.


And eating burger with 21 packets of Chilli Sauce? You are full of surprises... And I love surprises...