Thursday, June 07, 2007

Jakarta was great

Jakarta from my hotel room

Mokciknab & Hubby

Tengku Saifuddin & Ali Alimin

Zaiful & me

Our new friend & Mokciknab

Our (me, Ali Alimin and Zaiful) 3 day visit to Jakarta was a productive one.

Met with our media friends from Awani Indonesia. We exchanged ideas and experiences and discussed lots of potential collaborations.

And of course, had a great time updating Mokciknab and hubby on what’s happening in Malaysia. Ampun, tak sempat makan nasi uduk at your place sebab hectic betul schedulenya.

Yang penting, orang di Indonesia baik-baik belaka.

And best of all makan… Yes, me and makan tak boleh dipisahkan.

Riza Primadi and Endah Saptorini took us to makan masakan Manado (pedas gila tapi enak) and Padang.

To Tomi, Fredi, Wahyu and the rest of the non-bulletin staff at Awani, the discussion ketika waktu macet amat berguna – thank you.

To Ibu Jennifer Arul, thank you from all three control freaks. See you in KL.

Sunday, June 03, 2007

Hello Jakarta

I'm at KLIA, waiting for my flight to Jakarta.

Will be there for 3 days. Adalah kerja sikit kat sana.

I've been getting lots and lots of email and SMS regarding today's report in Mingguan Malaysia that I'm joining ASTRO.

Just for the record. Yes... I've signed a 3 year contract with ASTRO. How can I refuse a great opportunity to 'change' a bit the landscape of the local media. That much I can say for now. Yang detail-detail kena tunggu the official PC by ASTRO... Tunggu...

I'll be staying at a service apartment at Jl Garnisun Dalam No 8, Karet Semanggi, Jakarta. So Mokciknab, cepat masak Nasi dagang yang sedap tu. And kengkawan kat Jakarta, I'm ready for kopi-dangdut...