Sunday, October 16, 2011

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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Susu Lemak Manis

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Anak Melayu mesti pandai bertutur dan menulis dalam bahasa Inggeris

After 3 days of interviewing candidates for various positions in a multinational company, I am quiet disappointed as many Malay candidates were not able to impress my international colleagues.

The reason -- poor command of the English Language.

Yes, you can have all the "technical skills" but at the end of the day, if you can't convince a business partner from India who only speaks English and Hindi, then you are out.

And when you are in senior position, and you can't sell an idea in English, then you are out.

Do I need to go on...?

And we are still debating -- should we teach in English or BM... Can't you see budak Melayu merana in climbing the corporate ladder because their English = BAD.

We want to be global players.

Thanks Mak and Ayah -- you taught me well. Today I am equally good in BM and English. If only more budak Melayu can join me to move up the ladder.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

It is about you

It is not about going to the best play in town or watch the best Hollywood movie at GSC Signature.

Sometimes, we think that we need to entertain people close to us by taking them to the best places to eat, to visit and to spend a weekend.

It is about us.

If we can hold a great conversation while having roti telor at Bestari, then that is great.

"Happening" is within us.

It is us -- we are the Hollywood movie and we are the happening place.

And it is OK to be alone in your room, because you can read a good book, write a good piece (which later will become a book) -- because the Happening is in you.


Sunday, November 01, 2009


“Duduk betul-betul. Karang jatuh siapa susah… Azman, mak kata duduk betul-betul…”

And you really think the 5 year old is going to listen? Of course not! In an era where both mom and dad have to work very long hours in search of the meaning of life, they will not punish the kids. Why? Simple -- because they are guilty of spending so little time with their children. So they have to bribe them with gifts and give them almost total freedom to invade my space. The kids will just run and make noise in restaurants and irritate me to the max… If only they knew when I was small, Abang and I and later when Dokmen came to the world, we were not supposed to move once we were seated. No discipline in/at public places = no outing -- Grounded for a month, at least. And it worked. Perhaps that’s why today I am so anal about discipline during outings….


You can’t judge a book by its cover. An extra cool sportsman can be the most sentimental being on this planet. Yeah Shah Matrock layan Konsert Siti Nurhaliza. He is braving the rain to see the recording today at Angkasapuri – what do you know … I always believe a strong man (or woman) is one who is not afraid to show his/her vulnerability (and the V-word has been badly defined by society).


It was a memorable weekend indeed. After one week of the grueling Harvard Business School training dissecting case studies from 7:30 in the morning till past midnight, the weekend was a memorable one. How memorable?

1. Had a great chit chat session with Hafez and Abang Mohamad Noor at McDs Mon’t Kiara till about 4 am Saturday morning… I think Abang Mohamad Noor will have somewhere in his diary “…until 4 am, I was speechless listening to this crazy fat man blabbing about dono-wat at McDs…”

2. Saturdays’ Mee Rebus session with AK Shafizan Johari was a blast too – as usual we ate food enough to feed 8 people in some hungry region in the world. Later I bought another “ikan-laga-Siam”. I now have 12 already!! They are in 12 different glass containers. And yes, they are right to say ‘Suhaimi tu, kalau kau nak tahu, simpan anak ikan…” “Memanglah aku ada 12 ekor kat rumah…” “Ada aku kisah…” (Ooopppss evolving into A_ _ _ _ _ Alia? Oh tidak…).

3. The Dilhafifi birthday get-together was so much fun. Alexis @ Great Eastern mall was perfect. The Tokyo Blues Band was so cool too.
Dil, thank you for inviting me... And the nice things you said touched me...huhu...

4. And lunch and movie with Jefri & Matrock was a fun one. I am just so addicted to the Spaghetti Marinara at Chinoz@The Gardens. And the movie – The Time Traveler’s wife – was really interesting. It’s about a Chicago librarian who suffers from a rare genetic disorder that sends him hurtling through time whenever he is under extreme duress. Despite the fact that he vanishes at inordinately frequent and lengthy intervals, he attempts to build a stable future with the beautiful young heiress he loves. Eric Bana and Rachel McAdams star in this dramatic fantasy, which is directed by Robert Schwentke and based on the best-selling book by author Audrey Niffenegger. Sad ending though…

5. Tomorrow Jono will go to Mekah. Jono, I will miss u and doalah untuk I kat sana. Moga pulang dengan Haji Mabrur… You are great. AORJT.

Ah… Dilhafifi asked, Che Mi, anyone special in your life now? I said, entahlah ….

Sunday, October 18, 2009


The ikan kerai masak lemak in Temerloh was superb. So delicious that we had to ‘tapau’ some for another round of mouth watering experience.

Please … can we have ikan kerai masak lemak in Kuala Lumpur? I love the taste of kerai. Better than patin, anytime.

Also for the very first time after 47 years of being alive, I got to taste ‘satar’. It is something like otak-otak but the overwhelming presence of ‘kerisik’ as another main ingredient made it taste slightly different. Yes, like kerai, can we have satar in KL? Tired of the usual goreng-goreng stuff in KL.

The seafood in Kuantan was superb -- yes, lots of choices in Tanjung Lumpur – we decided to dine at Santai, and it sure was a good choice.

And Hyatt Kuantan was a great place to spend a wonderful relaxing weekend -- close to almost everything -- the beach and downtown Kuantan.

And we bumped into Tengku Nurul & hubby while having lunch at Hyatt’s beach front restaurant.

Just one not so fun stuff. For a huge shopping centre (the one which is right across from MS Garden Hotel) -- the parking self-service payment machine can only be found on 2 floors!!! At least that was what I figured out. For about 200 cars parked on the 4th floor, there was only one machine. And the spiral ramp to access the parking area on the 4th floor, made us dizzy. Felt like ants crawling on a mosquito coil.

If you are so stressed, the sea and sand can take your miseries away. According to Hafez, bury your feet in the sand, sit on the rock, close your eyes and let the water take the bad energy away. I think it worked.

And for a good trip – go with minimal expectations but go with great company. Good food, great conversation, positive energy and a wonderful setting – now that is the new definition of rejuvenation.

I have been to Pahang many times. This time, I fell in love with the state for many reasons – the nice ladies at the front desk of Hyatt, the down to earth folks and the beautiful strangers, and lots more – it sure is a very long list…will keep it close to my heart.

Friday, October 09, 2009


I slept at around 3 am, on the couch. AK slept much later and while sleeping I could hear him mumbling about me snoring – yes, sometimes you can hear people talking, you can hear what Christiane Amanpour blabs on CNN and you can tell who are parking their cars downstairs while you sleep.

What were we doing sleeping very late? We were helping Jono Munajat a.k.a Jawa a.k.a Kamarul Ariffen Munajat in his ‘accelerated-course’ preparing to anchor Khabar Haji in Mecca. He has 2 more weeks before he leaves for Mecca with Haji Nazri. Together with the Haj team, they will provide daily reports on the Haj season for AWANI’s sister channel OASIS.

AK Shafizan Johari, AWANI’s Business Journalist & Anchor helped out. He played the role of the cameraman -- recording the training session, using my Sony Cybershot versatile camera. Now, this is what I like about people at AWANI. Many of them are ever willing to help. Earlier in the day, Kam helped to train AK, Faizal Murad and Dzulfitri to anchor current affairs talk show programmes.

Due to the fact that I have a full day almost everyday, ending only after Agenda AWANI at 9:00 pm, I have to schedule Jono’s training at around 10 pm. And since Plaza Damas has a great place with many eating places open till very late, I decided to do the training at my apartment at Plaza Damas, Sri Hartamas. While my Cybershot camera is used to record the presentation and questioning techniques, my Vaio laptap is used as a playback machine for analysis and de-briefing sessions.

The training started at 10:00pm at Uncle Don’s Hide Park, over satay, roti kaya, meehun and peach pudding. We went through my powerpoint slides on:

1. Branding and positioning of anchors.
2. Giving souls to stories.
3. Standuppers and crossover, and
4. Voiceovers.

After that we went to my apartment and played roles – all recorded on camera by AK. Jono was the on-location anchor interviewing a Tabung Haji representative and a doctor. Of course lah, I was the Tabung Haji representative and also the doctor. I was looking for his questions preparing and delivering techniques and of course his listening skills – one of the the most important skills needed to be a good journalist.

It was a fun session and Jono has a flair for presentation. All he needs now is strong editorial, correct branding and the x-factor screen presence.

The training ended at around 2:00 am and we went to Mc Donalds at Mont Kira – Me, AK Shafizan Johari and Jono Munajat.

Next, he will be trained on how to do crossovers and video conferencing.

I love sharing experiences and enjoy coaching others to excel. I feel so good when the people that I coach excel and become famous…

Until today, Aznil Nawawi keeps on saying, you know who was my teacher… Suhaimi Sulaiman… a good one. And every time Aznil says that I will cry – cry of joy…

Monday, August 10, 2009

Era of Enlightenment


Pian came back from Singapore. He came to visit Rizal at Awani and stopped by to say hello to moi. He said he’s tired of Singapore and he wants to live life to the fullest in KL. I think, Pian being Pian, he will have no problems achieving that. Welcome home Pian.

I had a light lunch with Mukmin. He needed to see me to discuss his latest project. Mukmin is an enterprising young man. In his mid 20s he produces documentaries and many other tv programmes -- in addition to other communication ‘packages’. I am very honoured indeed as Mukmin would normally call me up to bounce ideas. I think Mukmin will go very far.

Next – preoccupation with ‘corner’ and ‘collection’.

I find it funny, even if they’re not situated at corners, restaurant operators named their outlets XXX Corner, YYY Corner, Mat Corner etc. Well, we can’t expect everyone to carry the battery operation Besta dictionary. Vocab alahai vocab.

Next, designers, tailors. Many of them named their outlets – XXX Collection, YYY Collection. Interesting….