Tuesday, November 13, 2007

The best sambal udang + petai

Selain my mom's sambal, the best sambal udang + petai for me can be found at Restoran Badrushah. Where is the restaurant? Right behind Istana Hotel. I'm a regular there already. The best is when sambal tu dah lama terperap kat situ, bila friendly bacteria dah buat sikit content-treatment. So i pergi makan dalam pukul 11 malam, ambik portion yang laskopek.
Me and the gang had such a great time there last night. Even the satay pun sodap.
And we laughed when we discussed how 'not-so-clever-people' used the SMS to belasah orang lain and sent the following message -- see the language, nak pengsan pun ada:
"You're have behaviour same like behaviour pig".
We laughed and laughed. Kok yer pun ambiklah class translation 101 and basic English.