Friday, February 02, 2007


Bak kata Chairman Spice "Minum susu dalam train, how can I live without a brain.."

After reading half of “The Google Story” by David Vise, I can’t help but terbuka minda, inspired to the max, and realized that, hey, we can do that!

And there are lots of similarities in our (me and the team) and Larry & Sergey’s way of thinking.

When Mokciknab, Cekem and I decided to leave our ‘safe’ jobs in TV3 for some challenges out there, we were actually living what Larry & Sergey do every single day – always have a “Healthy Disregard for the Impossible”.

And though all three of us perangai berbeza to the max, we do enjoy our almost hourly intellectual combat – our daily diet.

And why Larry & Sergey and many other people at Stanford were successful?

Let me quote this from Vise’s book:

Stanford made it extremely easy for students in its Ph.D program to work on potential commercial endeavors using university resources. Its Office of Technology Licensing also took a broad view of its role. Rather than laying claim to all the ground-breaking on-campus work of its students and professors, the office assisted with, and paid for patent process and then entered into long term licensing agreements that enabled Stanford’s rocket scientists to launch start-ups and get rich. In return, the Stanford licensing office received stock in the new technology companies" – Jadi, ilmu itu akan dibawa balik ke menara gading dan berkembang.

Bak kata Stanford’s President, John Hennessy, “Sometimes the biggest way to deliver an effect to the world is not by writing a paper but by taking technology you believe in and making something of it.”

Let me just say this. Dear Mr David Vise (writer of The Google Story) – You just opened a new door for me…

Dan kepada saudara-saudara ku yang memegang kuasa di negara ini yang sepatutnya menjadi change agents yang effective – sila kembangkan idea ini and be great. Toksah jadi haiwan territorial.

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