Friday, April 22, 2005

Suhaimi Sulaiman knows nothing about cars... oh well... abit.. - Ultra-fast, highly reliable and dedicated online file hosting. - Ultra-fast, highly reliable and dedicated online file hosting.

Yeah, Shamsul Bahari of NST's Cars, Bikes and Trucks interviewed me today. Yup, about cars. And what do I know? Well, I'm one of those who would just drive from point A to point B, tak kesah what car and if the tyre meletop or keluar asap from the engine I would get someone to help me -- manja siol...

When Shamsul asked me today about my first few years of driving,I told him I started early -- standard 3 -- yes, illegally. I stopped driving at standard 6 after I crashed into my neighbour's car.

And I recovered from the trauma many years later, in Portland, Oregon, where I was -the proud driver of an aquarium-like car called Gremlin.

Anyway, today has been a very hectic but productive day.

I was in Putrajaya earlier to emcee the launch of AKAL (Academy of Knowledge for Accounting and Leadership) at Ministry of Finance.

Had a great time -- renewed and strengthened existing ties with Natrah of KUB, En Izham -- KUB's MD, and of course a great 'reunion' with my friends from the media.

Then met mom and dad for makan-makan tambah calorie.

And later tonight, party time with Mohsein and the gang -- can't wait dah beli baju hitam berkilat, tapi tak muat... oh shoot!!!

And tomorrow, I'm expecting a hot debate during the recording of Agenda at ASTRO when we discuss Moral Policing.

So don't miss the discussion, which will be shown at 10pm, Sunday, April 24, 2005, on ASTRO's Channel 92.