Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Can the gundus stop asking “kau ni bila nak kahwin”? - Ultra-fast, highly reliable and dedicated online file hosting. - Ultra-fast, highly reliable and dedicated online file hosting.

What I’m about to say/write might just end up with people leaving many boxes of cockroaches and toads outside my studio apartment.

After 43 years of being alive, I have informally conducted an unscientific research on a non-random sample of ‘gundus’ (gundus are nice people but sometimes they drive you crazy) who would ask ‘gunduish’ type questions.

And guess what?

The more ‘rural’ the state of mind they have, the probability that they would ask the “bila nak kahwin” question is higher.

But that does not mean that if they have the “New York state-of- mind or the “Bangsar-aku-happening-state-of-mind” they would not ask gunduish questions.

But now, I have the answer to the question.

I’ll just give them the “F_ _ _ you too” look and smile (remember: kempen budi bahasa dan nilai-nilai murni meh...).

Just because I’m not the marrying type, does not mean I am not happy and I can’t shower the people that I care (or love from a far... yes...yes...and that would include the kambing that stained my tie-kolek and the gorgeous kambing boer) with sweet love (read: anita baker). Betul tak?

I’m a ‘ball’ of me... a big one and I’m doing just fine.

But terkiak jugak on rainy nights.