Thursday, February 03, 2005

The RM2-00 Toilet at KLCC

Will you pay RM2 to use the premium toilet at the ground floor of KLCC? Well, I just had to experience it.

Yes, I paid 2 Ringgit, and ... there was a nice Toilet Attendant in the new renovated toilet complete with scented candles . There were three cubicles in the premium toilet. And the conversation...

Toilet Guy: Welcome Sir, let me open the door for you.
Moi: Thank you. (10 seconds later, realizing that he was still there, outside the door...)
Are you going to be here through out?
Toilet Guy: I'm here to assist you, Sir.
Moi: (Tried very hard not to make disgusting noise in the cubicle).
Toilet Guy: Are you alright Sir?
Moi: I think so.
Toilet Guy: Just tell me if you need anything.
Moi: (That's it, I have to do my 'job' elsewhere and came out of the cubicle).
Toilet Guy: Was everything ok Sir?
Moi: Extremely...

But I must say, the Toilet Guy was well trained.