Sunday, April 19, 2009

I love you MCKK

Me & George watching Jeff & Shah Matrock playing rugby

The trip back from Kuala Kangsar after the end of the Malay College Old Boys Weekend was so much fun. Jeff was the designated ‘pilot’ -- of course I was in no position to drive after sleeping only 3 hours over 3 days. What was I doing? Catching up with old friends -- friends that I grew up with at Malay College, some 30 years ago. Oh yes, Shah Matrock was responsible to make sure both me and Jeff will not fall asleep. Seated at the back, he was the designated court jester.

Every year around this time, we will make the ‘pilgrimage’ to Kuala Kangsar to spend time with old friends and link-inspire the present boys of MCKK. Talking about inspiring and guiding, I think Rafizi Ramli is doing such a great job helping out the Malay College debating team – yes, voluntarily.

I got to see the results of his hard work when I dropped by to say hello to the BM & English Debating team at the Debating Room. When I got there, the team members just finished a quiz on general knowledge. It reminded me of my time representing Malay College in the inter-residential school debate competition for the Prime Minister’s trophy in 1979. And my debating team-mate was there too, Rohaizat Darus. He is now a big chief with Sapura. The other team member, Saifuddin Abdullah (now, Dato’ Saiduddin Abdullah) is busy with his responsibility as a Deputy Minister, and was not able to make it this time.

Jeff played beautifully on the rugby field, as always. He has a ‘flair’ for sports. Wahab at 47 was still very fit. Stone too.

Azhar Wahab Fenner

On occasions like this, we get to know interesting new ‘things’ about people around us. This OBW, I had a chance to know how interesting Shah Matrock is. He is not only funny but if you need good company while driving on the North-South Highway, Shah Matrock is the one. He can talk about almost anything -- from sugar content, to investment, to ACCA and politics. And cracks good jokes too.

Pian was there, missing Rizal – Rizal had to anchor Agenda AWANI on weekends.

I must say this time around I had good quality time with Iyoi, Stone, Wahab. Didn’t get to hang around much with Nasha and Robby as they were busy with Nasha’s children.

Spent only a few minutes with George and Kudin. Enjoyed the company of Mooze & Elin.

Kudin and his favourite juniors.

I think I kept Moqq awake all night with my snore. Dia berdengkur jugak. And we accepted our 'less than perfect attributes'. I kept him awake too with my tossing and turning. We stayed at the River Resort.

And as always before leaving the MCKK, tears came out of my eyes – I just can’t explain why… It happens every year.


Stone, Iyoi & Wahab

Nasha & Son