Friday, May 30, 2008

Time Out

Kalau penat atau stress relax kejap... enjoy kuih bahulu. Sekarang ni kuih bahulu ada yang berempah punya tau...sedap.

Me and Ashwad kat opis dok perabis bahulu Nazri & Adilah.


Wednesday, May 28, 2008



I think I am a darn good listener and my right shoulder is just so broad that many have cried on it, pouring their hearts out after fighting with bf/gf. spouse, mistress, dad, sugardad, mom, sugarmon, doraemon, etc..etc..

Sometimes their problems are just so similar.

May be I need to have an answering machine service and I will just do a mime / lip sync act, like what the banks have... "Terima kasih kerana menghubungi Chimpanzee Bank... tekan satu untuk Bahasa Malaysia, press two for English... Untuk sakit jiwa tekan tiga, untuk bercakap dengan pakar sakit jiwa tekan empat...Untuk bercakap dengan mereka yang terseksa jiwa dan raga, tekan lima".

Anyway, some of the pet peeves...(for the uninitiated, Pet Peeves = complaints about specific behaviours, not general dissatisfaction). Some of the complaints here dah terkeluar from category pet peeves, tapi gasaklah.

"Cekmi, you know what I hate most about going out with him? Asik-asik dia dok jawab and hantar SMS. Nak date ngan I ker nak date ngan handphone... ker kes juggler extraordinaire jugak?"

"Dia suka buang sampah masa driving... kleenex, etc"

"Can I talk about me for once... It's always dia jer.... Dialah pandai, dialah comel, dialah semua... "

"My husband has stopped kissing me on the lips. And he is rough lately..."

"Kalau orang dah sayang tu jagalah baik baik. Ini nak pau cukup-cukup. Pau sikit-sikit sudahlah... I hate men!!!"

"Nyah... mak dah bosanlah ngan dia nih... tapi bila dia tak call mak sunyi nyah..."

"Yang I ni diet and exercise macam nak rak... Now my husband tak suka I sebab badan I sekeping. He likes me gebu... Now I have to eat and eat again...."

"I think he is either afraid or ashamed to be seen with me. He would walk two steps back... Uhhhh.."

"Malas aku nak layan. Orang pompuan ni moody...sensitive macam entah hapa-hapa entah. Bad hair day lah... hanguslah" (and my reply... tapi dalam hati jer... "orang nak bercinta kau nak bercinta, orang nak kawin kau nak kawin, tapi otak tak tune...")


Thank God my life is so darn simple...

Monday, May 26, 2008



The following people have a common friend -- me.

I am a friend of 'A', someone I know from a zillion years back.

'B' is a friend by 'default' because he is a friend of a friend, a friend of a relative, a friend of a business associate and we move in the same circle -- business / social / community.


'A' and 'B' have known one another for a couple of years and they are sort of an 'item' now, quite recently.

But the relationship has never been a win-win one since day one.

It has always been a win-lose . 'B' winning and 'A' losing but 'A' appears to be happy -- at least the facade.

I recently found out that 'B' is not just a 'player' but an efficient 'juggler' too -- he juggles at least 2 women other than 'A'. (Read: Smooth Operator).

And I also found out that 'A' knows about it.

'A' would call me and cry and cry but the next day, she will forgive 'B' and prefers to see ONLY the good side of 'B'

And what makes me sick, is 'B' is so smooth and 'A' can't see why she should dump him and she continues showering 'B' with expensive gifts and god knows what.


It makes me so darn sad because 'A' is so beautiful, smart, successful, brilliant and resourceful -- read: rich.

And 'B' is in the 'elevating' category -- trying to carve a niche for himself. He has great potential though, but impatient and greedy.

Sometimes I feel like taking the hammer out of the tool box and hit both of them on the head....

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Yang penting bahagia ....

Samson's new 'horse' is so cool.

Jom pi jenjalan....



Saturday, May 24, 2008

My Calendar is full tau!!!


"Cekmi I tengah boring gila ni... jomlah gi lepak kat memaner ker...You kat mana?"

"I tengah makan nasi ngan sup lidah kat Bangsar ni sengsorang. Gimme like 20 minutes...."

"Go where ahhh?"

"Jom tengok Indiana Jones & Tengkorak Kristal..."


And we went to GSC Pavilion.

Wayang pukul 9:00 malam, and we arrived at GSC pukul 7:45.

So Adrian and I lepak dulu, had snack at the mini cafe of Times Bookstore on the top floor of Pavilion.

We talked about lots of stuff from benda-benda bodoh to married life.

Yeah, right, me advising Adrian on his marriage.... So qualified eh!!!

The Indiana Jones movie, just like other Indiana Jones movies, hero menang selalu. Tak payah kerut-kerut kening. Just look out for the fun action moments. Intellectually tak challenging tapi visually exciting.

I prefer 'Once' anytime.

Went to see Once last week after Rahmat said, it should be on top of my 'must watch' list.

Great movie, cuma kena concentrate lebih sebab movie tu filem Irish and accent dia kengkadang tebal sikit so kena dengar bebetul.

But the story is so simple tetapi profound.

I recommended the film to Moqq coz I think Moqq would like it...


Been getting calls from people to find out if I know some inside stories on lompat-lompat party.


Apparently ribut cerita Sabah BN MPs to crossover to PKR.

And today in NST, Datuk Dr Jeffrey Kittingan, PKR Deputy Vice President who is also PKR adviser for Sabah and Sarawak, said the crossover will be in a matter of days. Phew...

Entahlah Gayah, I dengar banyak cerita, tapi I suka sumber dan channel yang 'sahih'.


Pengorbanan itu ada dalam pelbagai bentuk dan pendekatan.

Satu daripadanya adalah the ability to create additional few hours from the 'fixed' 24 hours to make life more interesting and meaningful to the people that we love.

And never, never, ask to be appreciated for making the effort.

Can we do that?


I don't have much time.

Please don't make me lose more time coz I am the one with more to lose...


Sometimes, we bend over backwards to please 'strangers' while at the same time we don't even care to think twice about uttering words and doing things that would hurt people that matter to us most...


Monday, May 19, 2008


It’s 2:00 am Tuesday morning and I just came back from Pelita Nasi Kandar in Bangsar.


I was so hungry.

My last meal was at Changi Airport in Singapore at 2:30 pm.


Aishah’s “Tiada lagi Tangisan” and Kenny Loggin’s “This is it”, are still playing on my mind.

On the way back from Pelita, while driving I kept the CDs of Aishah & Kenny Loggin on repeat mode .

The lyrics caught my attention.


We were at Changi International Airport in Singapore when I received Aznil Nawawi’s SMS – “Tun Mahathir quits UMNO…”



The next question on my mind -- What next?

Chances are more big names will follow.

What will happen when there are ‘enough’ big names quitting?

Definitely a ‘major leadership crisis’.

Then what?

Possible change in leadership which could be either bad or good for the country.

Some say, ini semua kerana perseteruan politik dan perseteruan politik adalah kerana menjaga kepentingan.

Bagi pemimpin, sepatutnya tidak ada kepentingan.

Kepentingan yang abadi dan mutlak sepatutnya adalah kesejahteraan rakyat.

Itulah yang patut didahulukan.

Apabila pemimpin berseteru, rakyat rugi, orang Melayu rugi.

Baca sahaja sejarah Abbasiyah, Umaiyyah dan kerajaan selepasnya.

Kita dok repeat dan buat cover version tanpa sentuhan creative. Shame on us...


The last time I went on a trip on an express bus was at least 10 years ago -- never a memorable occasion travelling by bus.

But on Sunday, the ODYSSEY Luxury Bus changed my perception on travelling by bus.


It was better than flying.

The bus has wi-fi and you can surf the Internet on the bus.

Food is served by a very professional ‘stewardess’.

We had a memorable trip from KL to Singapore.

We boarded ODYSSEY at Mont Kiara at 11 am and reached Singapore at 4:30 pm.


Dino booked us a beautiful suite at M Hotel on Anson Road. Such a beautiful hotel indeed.


Our suite on the 21st floor has the harbor view.

And what did we do in Singapore?

Shopping of course.

We 'parked' ourselves at Orchard Road. We also went to Mustafa Centre.


Buah berangan masaknya merah
Dibawa orang keatas perahu
Luka di tangan nampak berdarah
Luka di hati siapa yang tahu.

Ada kalanya kita tidak sedar ketika menguntum kata dan berseloroh, kita melukai hati orang yang kita sayangi….


It was a beautiful birthday celebration in Singapore. Thank you.


Friday, May 16, 2008


Me singing with the band

Place: Planet Hollywood.
Date: May 15, 2008.
Time: 10:00 pm.
Occasion: My Birthday -- A surprise

I really didn't expect some 30 of my really close friends to be there. I was only expecting 5 to 6 people and 2 tables max.

But Kam, Azman and Azean did their 'magic'. Lengkap dengan buntings and all.

Tolong bagi moral support kat 'penyanyi'

They hijacked my mobile phone, got the phone numbers of my close friends, called them and made them promise not to tell me of the surprise.

The Yang Sisters were there -- Che Yuz (Mrs Kam) & Assoc Prof Dr Yang Faridah.

Moqq and Milla were there too.

Jef who was 'kinda' sick was emaculately dressed for the surprise.

Adrian came with Roul --- hmmmm.

Dino and Schubern made fun of the Birthday Cake spelt 'Shima'.

Eby & wife were there.

And of course the funky bunch from AWANI, led by the draconian Rozy.

And I sang with the resident band like there was no tomorrow and the funky bunch filled the dance floor.

I found out later that Azman also invited Rahmat -- too bad he is in Cannes and can't make it -- it would have been a blast if Rahmat (Mr Cinema) ada kat situ.

Dr Azam was on-call and can't make it.

Thanks everyone -- Zai, Dangsuria, Ali, Zaiful, Fiza, Doria, Samson, Apai, Ian, Nadia, Marliza and the rest.

I love all of u.

Doria, Fiza, Samson, Azean, Kam & Dangsuria

Rozy, Dangsuria, Jef & Doria memilih cup cakes.

Azean, Fiza, Marliza, me, Kam & Dangsuria.

Dino, Schubern, Ali, Kam, Azman, Jef & Samson.

Samson, Doria & Azman

Azman, Fiza & Azean

Wednesday, May 14, 2008


The AWANI family threw a great birthday party for me during lunch.

Thank you very much.

Umaira, Samson, Doria, Adam, Me, Ashwad, Aizul & Harun

Me & Roy Daniel

Samson, Kate, Me, Roy, & Dino

Dino & Me

The Funky Bunch

Pat, Me & Roy

Kate & Me

The Gang

Me & Samson

The Funky Bunch Pt 2

And to all kawan-kawan yang hantar SMS and called from midnight till the wee morning hour, thank you, thank you....

To Dr Azam, it was a lovely midnight birthday outing.

Me & Samson at Ichiban Boshi

Azman & Dangsuria at Ichiban Boshi

Husni at Ichiban Boshi


It is now 9:30 pm.

In 2 hrs 30 minutes, I will be 46 years old.

I'm getting younger by the minute...

Sunday, May 11, 2008



Honoured indeed.


My guru came for the studio recording and made my programme, PERSPEKTIF KITA, so good.

Thank you Datuk A Kadir Jasin, who is also the guru of many journalists in Malaysia.

The topic of the discussion on PERSPEKTIF KITA = KEBEBASAN MEDIA.

Datuk Kadir spoke on the need for Malaysians to articulate their views on nation building, but they need to do it in a responsible manner.

Together with Datuk A Kadir Jasin were other distinguished speakers -- Prof Dr Ahmad Murad Merican of UTP, Prof Dr Safar Hashim of UKM, Dr Abu Hassan Hasbullah of Zentrum Future Studies and Batu Pahat MP YB Dr Puad Zarkashi.

Among them, they touched many important areas on the need for 'media yang lebih bebas' but at the same time responsible.

Don't miss PERSPEKTIF KITA on Saturday, May 17, 2008 at 8:30 pm, on ASTRO AWANI, Channel 501.

And Datuk Kadir also tolong removed the laundry tag from my jacket during the commercial break... "apalah kau ni Suhaimi, takkan nak nampak smart pun aku kena jadi cikgu kau, meh sini, let me remove the laundry tag from your jacket... haiyooo..."


Went home for lunch today to celebrate Mothers' Day with the family.

Mak prepared ikan sembilang masak lemak and lots of other lauk and all.

And the best thing.... bukannya I bagi prezen kat Mak (mak only wants a hug from me) but Mak & Ayah unveiled the present for me instead... my house... it's almost siap.

Letrik dah masuk, air dah masuk. Cuma kitchen cabinet belum siap and railing tangga.

The view from the top terrace

The double storey house is huge and now I will slowly fill the house with furniture.

Ayah, showed me around and I can't help but rasa sebak di dada coz Ayah did everything -- design, construct and paid for the whole thing -- and now hand it to me, no conditions attached.

Ayah kat tingkat bawah

Ayah said, "...Nanti ayah dah tak der, Ami ada a nice comfortable house to live in..."

I can't even say thank you coz terlalu sebak... my eyes said it all...

I love you ayah... I love you mak...

Ayah at the kitchen's balcony

From tingkat atas

My bedroom

View of my house from my parent's house

Ayah checking on the finishing


I went through an emotional turbulance recently and almost gone insane.

But thanks to Morkymoqq, I managed to see the true path again.

We had breakfast this morning and as always, Moqq, who is many years my junior was not only a good listener but provided many alternatives for me to feel good about myself again...

Thanks Moqq... And I must thank Moqq's other half, Milla too... Coz I can sense her presence in the therapy session...


Milla & Moqq during Wawa's wedding

Saturday, May 10, 2008


Health Issue

I got a 'wake-up' call 3 days ago.

I'm not telling, but I now must really take care of myself.


Engine dalam badan kena buat tuning.

I have been given a second chance.

French Movie

Thank God the movie was a good one -- a bit slow, but good.

If not, I would have screamed as we had to wait for 30 minutes before we were allowed into the theatre.

Sepatutnya film start 7:30 pm. Tapi tunda 30 minit. Kena berdiri kat luar 1/2 jam. Not very nice.

Anyway, the movie = I'm Not Here To Be Loved (Je Suis Pas Là Pour Être Aimé).


It is about a 51 year old divorcee Jean-Claude who seems destined to spend the rest of his life alone and loveless.

As a bailiff in a family firm, his only day-to-day contact is serving court orders to people who hate and fear him.

His weekly visits to his monstrous father at a nursing home are marked by resentment and aggression, while he struggles to hold a conversation with his adult son who has reluctantly joined the business.


Yet Jean-Claude still yearns for something different - and when his doctor suggests that his heart needs exercise, Jean-Claude crosses over from his office to the tango school opposite, where he meets thirtysomething Françoise, who had long ago been babysat by his mother.

She also has a longing for change as she drifts inexorably towards marriage to self-absorbed would-be novelist Thierry.

With little in common besides resigned disappointment, Jean-Claude and Françoise dance up a restrained sort of romance together.

Not a bad movie. Cuma sikit slow, and as usual I snored dan disiku beberapa kali by Roul who later also tertido sekejap.


Kam said, "you will know one day who are your true friends (read: love) -- they will take care of you when you are bedridden..."