Thursday, February 28, 2008

Paris je t'aime

Right after the evening edition of Analisis Pilihan Raya 'live', Roul and I went to Pavilion to catch the French Movie "Paris je t'aime".


Yes, I still have time to have fun despite the gruelling schedule.

That's a hint -- you can still ask me for a date ... wink.. wink.

Paris, je t'aime (translation: Paris, I love you) is a 2006 film.



It is a collection of 18 short films by 21 directors. Among them, Sylvain Chomet, Alfonso Cuaron and Gus Van Sant.

My take on it? DARN GOOD!!!

Now I really 'need' to go to Paris...

And fall in love too? Itu.... nanti teman pikior dulu. Teman busy sket nih. Kejap lagi teman cetak borang permohonan... BTW... sila kepilkan salinan Sijil Beranak dan bukti kerakyatan.

Love, SIOUX..

Monday, February 25, 2008


Loving every minute of it. Anchoring 'live" discussions is so challenging and I love the adrenalin, anxiety and the risks of course!

Just that I'm beginning to have bags under my eyes...

Sila berikan petua nak hilangkan 'tas tangan' di bawah mata wahai cik seri siantan.




Sunday, February 24, 2008

iPod Touch and MotoQ


"The iPod Touch!!! It's so cool...."

"Nanti I bagi u software dia...."

"Alah Jeff, tak payah... I ni lawa jer, modern-modern stuff ni I tak pandai nak configure... Why don't you just transfer jer semua lagu, movies, gambar dalam iPod Touch tu... Dah siap nanti I touch screen jer and enjoy them...Nak harap I baca instructions dalam handbook tu, it will never happen...Lagu Ahmad Jais kena ada tau.."

"OKlah... and you want me to set the MotoQ too? Since I'll be at KLCC, I can stop by at Maxis and ask them.."

"That would be good Jeff. Just tell the Maxis people, the owner of the MotoQ tu lawa jer tapi tak reti nak guna phone for push-mail etc ni..."

"OK lah... I'll see you later after the rugby game..."

"I just need the car after my last 'live' Analisis-Pilihan Raya programme. I'll be done by 10:00pm. But I might just sleep in the office as I have to host tomorrow's show at 7:30 am. Kalau balik rumah, mesti tak boleh bangun"


It has been a great and productive Sunday. I was at the office sejak subuh lagi.

Then at around 9:00 am, I went and had the best nasi lemak with Jeff at the Nasi Kandar restaurant right next to Ampang Park LRT and Nikko Hotel.

Jeff 'consuming' the Sunday papers


I needed the extra energy to host the 'live' discussions from 1 pm to 10:00 pm. It's Nomination Day!!!!.


Our 'squawk box' went really well. In my 18 years of TV journalism, I must say, the AWANI Squawk Box is the best ever. Had fun bantering with the guests, Prof Dr Chandra Muzafar, Assoc Professor Dr Azmi Hassan, Datuk Akbar Ali and Prof Dr Safar Hashim. And the anchor team of me, Kamarul, Nazri Kahar, Ali Alimin, Zaiful Ariffin, Syed Farradino and Ashwad, memang serasi....

Ashwad and Dino ...

Now, almost midnight, I still feel the adrenalin and all.... macamana nak tido ni...



To Morkymoqq --- we'll start right away, yeah...coz within 5 years we will be so darn good....

Moqq and Kichi

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

One Angry Man


I was very angry this morning. All because of FORM... yes, BORANG.

Want something, have to fill borang.

Nak benda ni, kena penuhkan borang.

And on many occasions borang-borang tu semuanya badly designed. And sometimes the designer of borang and the originator of borang sebenarnya gila kuasa and show their powers melalui borang.

OK straight to the point -- The neighbour downstairs said water from my bathroom meresap kat ceiling dia and ada banyak water mark and air jatuh dari ceiling dia. And being the nice neighbour that I am, I immediately contacted the plumber to come and check. I informed the security guard and wrote a letter to tell them to allow the plumber in. The security manager said I have to inform the management office. Management office buka pukul 9:30 and I have work to do at the office, kena tunggulah pulak (tak boleh call handphone...). The plumber came at 9:15 and the security guard didn't allow the plumber in sebab, I tak isi borang. But I have informed the security manager and wrote a letter ok.... They said wait till the management office says yes, barulah depa allow them in. I waited and at 9:35 I was told to isi borang... I said, you just let the plumber in as he has been waiting and I will fill the borang later. Ok? Boleh? And the lady from the management office said, OK.

Boleh pulak....

Pengajaran... We just stopped thinking sometimes because we think the borang is everything, walaupun borang tu sebenarnya tak ada apa pun, badly designed and tempat orang tunjuk kuasa. At times decisions kena buat cepat and borang follow lah later... Tak per...

Penat... Penat...


BTW gambar kat bawah ni tak der kena mengena dengan borang dan marah...Saja untuk tujuan menyeri halaman...

Fauziah, me and Along at AWANI makan sambal... isi borang dulu

Me and Jef -- mana iPod Touch? Ooopsss... kena isi borang...


Sunday, February 17, 2008

7 days a week 18 hours a day and I'm enjoying it...

It is only from Feb 13 till March 10... Though stressful with extensive research and lots of data management and stress pills and supplements... I just love it.

Me and Samson before 'live' transmission of Analisis Pilihan Raya. BTW Analisis Pilihan Raya is on air 'live' at 9:30pm every evening from Feb 13 to Mar 10.

Getting into character for a 'live' talkshow involves lots of behind the scene preparation -- especially editorial preparation. No room for silly questions and wrong info. Everything must be perfect -- tip top and must have the following elements:

1. Inform.
2. Educate.
3. Entertain.


It reminds me of Barbra Streisand's song (see below), from 'Sunday in the park with George'.

Barbra:] Look, I've spent a lot of time working on this.
[Producer 1:] Look, no one's gonna buy it -- no one.
[Producer 2:] No one in Middle America, anyway. That's for sure.
[Producer 3:] He's right!
[Producer 1:] Sweetheart, it's just not commercial!
[Barbra:] What is commercial?
[Producer 2:] It's not what's selling nowadays.
[Producer 1:] I mean - personally, I love it, but
[Barbra (sung):]Be nice, girl!
[Producer 3:] Nobody's into this kind of material.
[Barbra (sung):] You have to pay a price, girl!
[Producer 2:] This album needs a hit single we can push.
[Barbra (sung):]They like to give advice, girl!
[Producer 1:] The whole idea's too risky.
[Barbra (sung):] Don't think about it twice, girl!
[Producer 2:] The audience won't understand this kind of thing!
[Barbra (sung):]It's time to get to work!
Barbra (spoken): I disagree! Why don't you wait until you hear it?
[Producer 3:] This is like your old stuff!
[Barbra (sung):] Art isn't easy.
[Producer 3:] You've got to appeal to the kids.
[Barbra (sung):] Even when you're hot.
[Producer 2:] Why would you want to make an album like this anyway?
[Barbra (sung):] Advancing art is easy.
[Producer 1:] I think we ought to talk seriously about this.
[Barbra (sung):] Financing it is not!
[Producer 2:] Why take chances?
[Barbra (sung):] A vision's just a vision if it's only in your head!
[Producer 1:] Nobody respects your artistic integrity more than I do, but
[Barbra (sung):] If no one gets to hear it, it's as good as dead!
[Producer 2:] You have to think about you career!
[Barbra (sung):]
It has to come to life!
Bit by bit, putting it together
Piece by piece, only way to make a work of art
Every moment makes a contribution
Every little detail plays a parts
Having just a vision's no solution
Everything depends on execution
Putting it together, that's what counts!
Ounce by ounce, putting in together
Small amounts, adding up to make a work of art
First of all you need a good foundation
Otherwise it's risky from the start
Takes a little cocktail conversation
But without the proper preparation
Having just a vision's no solution
Everything depends on execution
The art of making art
Is putting it together, bit by bit
[Producer 2:] Do we really need all these musicians?
[Barbra:] Link by link, making the connections, yes we do!
Drink by drink, taking every comment as it comes
Learning how to play the politician
Like you play piano, bass and drums
Otherwise you'll find your composition
Isn't gonna get much exhibition
Art isn't easy
Every minor detail is a major decision
Have to keep things in scale
Have to hold to your vision
[Producer 1:] Why don't we talk about this over dinner, darling?
What's a little cocktail conversation
If it gets the funds for your foundation
Every time I start to feel defensive
I remember vinyl is expensive!
[Producer 3:] Would you agree to do an interview?
[Barbra:] Maybe one!
Dot by dot, building up the image
Shot by shot, keeping at a distance doesn't pay
Still if you remember your objective
Not give all your privacy away
A little bit of hype can be effective
As long as you can keep it in perspective
Even when you get some recognition
Everything you do you still audition
Art isn't easy
Overnight you're a trend
You're the right combination
Then the trend's at an end
You're suddenly last year's sensation!
All they ever want is repetition
All they really like is what they know
Gotta keep a link with your tradition
Gotta learn to trust your intuition
While you re-establish your position
So that you can be on exhibit...
So that your work can be on exhibition!
Be new, girl!
They tell you till they're blue, girl!
You're new, or else you're through, girl!
And even if it's true, girl,You do what you can do!
Bit by bit, Putting it together
Piece by piece, working on the vision night and dayA
ll it takes is time and perseverance
With a little luck along the way
Putting in a personal appearance
Gathering supporters and adherents...
[Producer 1:] Well, she's an original!
[Producer 3:] WAS!
[Barbra:] Mapping out the songs but in addition
Harmonizing each negotiation
Balancing the part that's all musicians
With the part that's strictly presentation
Balancing the money with the mission
Till you have the perfect orchestration
Even if you do have the suspicion
That it's taking all your concentration
The art of making art
Is putting it together, bit by bit
Beat by beat,
part by part
Sheet by sheet,
chart by chart
Track by track
bit by bit
Reel by reel,
pout by pout
Stack by stack,
snit by snit,
meal by meal,
shout by shout
Deal by deal,
spat by spat
Shpiel by shpiel,
doubt by doubt
And that... Is the state of the art!


Pants on please!

Friday, February 15, 2008



It's General Election time again .. . One day before Valentine's Day, Paklah announced the dissolution of Parliament.

"Now that Parliament is dissolved we are changing our programme line-up, more election stories more election news. Nampaknya I will have to bring my bantal and selimut to the newsroom.."

"Laa... but before you sleep at the office tonight lets go drink-drink lah dulu...."

"OK... My 'live' Analisis Pilihan Raya program is at 9:30pm. Right after the 'live' interview I'll go straight to Concorde. See ya, say... 10:30ish..."

I arrived early for my drink-drink session with Jef at Concorde. Instead of drink-drink, we ended up with Penang Fried Keoyteow, Fries, Chicken Cordon Bleu and Banana Fritters and ice-cream. Adoi.... macamana nak kurus ni....

Jef... ate my prawns to help me reduce cholestrol... kononnya

And I promised myself the next day start balik diet.

And I bought the following stuff to stop me from going to Matrock for nasi lemak, roti canai and teh tarik.




Over the next 25 days, I'll be spending like 24 hrs a day at the office -- eat and breathe elections.

At AWANI, we are going all out to bring the best Election Analysis and we are ready after months of preparations.

With Prof Dr Abdul Aziz Bari of UIA on Analisis Pilihan Raya 'LIVE"


Monday, February 11, 2008

Cuci Toilet


This is not right.

When I was relieving myself at the urinal at one of Pavilion's public toilet, a woman janitor came next to me and buat tak tahu jer terus mop lantai, and did a jeling-jeling pandang-pandang.

I also jeling her back.


At other places too, owang perempuan cuci lantai toilet jantan. And depa cuci masa jantan-jantan ni tengah krenchh...

I don't like... What if all of the sudden, a horny one just grab IT!!!! NO....

Mine is precious OK... Exclusive gitewwww



Don't know why but all of the sudden saja nak pi down memory lane ... hence the following...




Drama? No, it's real....

I am scared to see the doctor, I'm afraid to see the dentist. But I give advice to people to have enough rest & all and they listen to me. What????

I was not feeling well in the morning. After a light breakfast with Samson, Hafiz and Sharifah, I continued with editorial planning for the coming General Election. That's when I felt giddy. All of the sudden, I felt that the newsroom was in an orbit and I was at the centre of the Milky Way.

I sent a note to Rozy "Rozy, I'm not feeling well. I'll be at the VIP room resting..."

Took 2 Panadol Actifast after one hour of Uphamol. Yes I always diagnose myself. I do it all the time...

And I got up 2 hours later. I don't remember landing on the couch next to the TV at the VIP room.

Rozy: You go see the doctor.

Syazwan: Your dear friend is a doctor what, pergi jumpa Dr Azam.

Dino: Dia pediatrician lah pulak.

Roul: Pediatrician boleh kan kanak-kanak...

Sunday, February 10, 2008



At 10:20 am, Saturday.

"Where are you now?"

"We just left KL, Jef...Kat Sungai Besi toll. Suria is driving, I'm the co-pilot. It's the same road macam pergi Istana Seri Menanti, right?"

"Yes. It is easier if you take the Senawang exit. From Kuala Pilah, you drive on to Bahau, then Bandar Seri Jempol..."

Later at around 12:00 noon.

"You on the right track?"

"Jef, the signboard says Era Resort or something...."

"Yes, yes... just straight ahead, turn left at the Bahau Railway Station... You should reach here in 30 minutes... "

"Oh no, we must arrive before pengantin lelaki..."

At 12:45 pm...

"Jef, I think we all sesat ni... Ada Kilang Kelapa Sawit when I turned left..."

"No... further up...lookout for Pulapol... Follow the way to Pulapol...My brother in purple shirt is at the check point waiting for you..."

And finally 3 hours later, at 1:00 pm, Dangsuria and I reached Jef's house at Felda Serting Hilir 6, Bandar Seri Jempol.

Jef and his dad

It sure was a nice break from the normal weddings in KL where they would normally give almost 100% freedom to Pak Abu or Rizalman to provide the wedding 'magic'.

At Jef's house, there were Mak Long and Mak Ngah and the rest of the clan preparing the lauk-pauk. Pak Ngah was liaison officer. And of course young Jef and his 2 younger brothers running here and there doing their best to make all of us feel at home.

Jef's parents with me and Suria

Abang Mustafa (Jef's dad) and Kak Norizan (Jef's mom) made me and Suria feel like we are part of their family with their warmth, budi bahasa & sopan santun and they really took care of both of us over the 3 hours we were there -- at times more than other guests.


The pengantin perempuan, Zailena, the eldest in Jef's family was a beautiful bride. The USM graduate is a teacher at a school nearby and the groom, Zaki, is an engineer who works at Port Dickson.





We ate twice (nak buat macamana,orang dah mintak dan lauk dia sedap). First, as soon as we arrived and later when Jef's dad invited us to sit next to the bride and groom at the main table. Apa lagi... bedal jer lah. And I felt very much at home. Just like being around my own saudara-mara.

Suria and I left Felda Serting Hilir at about 4pm.

The beautiful family

To Jef and family, thank you for inviting us. Your kindness touched our hearts. The 3 hour journey from KL was real magic.

Pulau Pandan jauh ketengah
Gunung Daik bercabang tiga
Hancur badan dikandung tanah
Budi yang baik dikenang juga