Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Hijrah and your purpose in life

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Dear Burung Petalawati, Geroda and Wau,

You will be happier if you know your purpose in life and the true meaning of Hijrah.

It’s more than the physical move from Mecca to Medina or from anywhere -- from point A to point B.

Prophet Muhammad’s Hijrah was not a flight but a carefully planned migration which marks not only a break in history, but also a new start in 3 important aspects of life: social, economics and political.

Sometimes you must take a tactical retreat in order to come back stronger.

What’s my role in this universe?

I’m a candle in a cage and I’m happy. You can be a bird, free... But it can be lonely up there too... But if you know your role as a bird is to make the universe more beautiful, you will not mind flying alone...

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Hair Colour

I think my friends all fikir that I am gila to the max...

Coz today, I'm going to colour my hair for the 7th time this month!!!

Yes... first bleach, then back to black, then brown, then back to black, lepas tu ash, sesudah tu khaki plus platinum...

Sesungguhnya manusia itu tidak pernah puas..

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So today, when I called my hairstylist for an appointment I started by saying "you jangan bunuh I ok.. I coloured my hair back to black, sekarang mau sikit ash blonde balik..."

And she said... "haiya...I kenal you manyak tahun, i sudah tahu you mahu tukar manyak kali orrr... tak aper..."

So, back to sikit blonde, sikit brown and sikit black...

Tak ada kesudahannya... Macam air laut akan terus menghempas pantai...

Monday, February 20, 2006

Start NOW....

Yes... Say tata to fats

Eat lots of veges...less white stuff -- go brown
And look sexy as hell...

And then sing...

"I'm ....coming....out" (maksudnya.. body baru akan ganti body lama lah... jangan salah paham...)

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Sunday, February 19, 2006

Al kisah penemuan tulang...

Recently I found a serpihan tulang at one corner in the office.

Hmmm... Adakah ini..

(a). Kerja tikus memindahkan lebihan makanan?
(b). Orang yang makan KFC dan tak reti kebersihan.
(c). Ada orang mahu mempraktikkan ilmu sihir.

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After lots of checking from the network (network ni kengkawanlah yang berilmu) ada yang frank dan ada yang tak mahu takut-takutkan member. They said:

(a). It could be tikus. But then again, apa hal tikus nak transfer tulang sampai tingkat 4. Banyak lagi office yang boleh dijadikan habitat.

(b). KFC? No, coz kita semua berdisiplin (the last time we checked).

(c). Kata En. Amin, kalau tulang burung, itu ilmu hitam orang nak buat kita malas and unproductive... hmmmmm

Monday, February 13, 2006

No date on Valentine's Day

I'm debating ... Should I put a VACANCY sign?

Coz tak der pun orang nak ajak I gi dinner ker, makan chocolate ker, petik bunga kekwa ker...

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Terus nyanyi lagu Tan Sri S.M Salim...

Apa nak jadi, apa nak jadi,
sampai sekarang tak ehem-ehem lagi...
apa nak jadi...

Nyawa ku yang pertama, namanya dot dot dot

(fill in the blanks lah dengan lirik sendiri)

Friday, February 10, 2006


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Macam ada satu selaput menyelubungi gue
Namanya prokrastinasi
Buat gue rasa macam basi

Kata kamus maya, procrastination itu -- to put off doing something, especially out of habitual carelessness or laziness.
It can lead to madness.

Tapi buat kes gue, seakan dihipno-hipno
Rasa malas, samar dan penat

Hoi, snap out of it… cepat

Tapi prokrastinasi...
seronok juga si

Satu hari lagi, please...
pretty please...

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Thursday, February 09, 2006

We see only what we want to see....

Ada kala sesuatu yang sama jadi amat berbeza
Hijau dilihat biru
Biru jadi kelabu

Kita cuma mahu apa serunya deria
Lantas suara mengiakan rasa
Rasa mungkin bawa binasa

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Tapi ada kalanya
Rasa bawa bahagia
Biarpun cuma di dada tidak di mata

Bahagia itu pilihan kita
Suka duka pilihan mata cetusan rasa
Bendanya sama cuma kacamata berbeza

Relax brader

If only I can fly on a magic carpet now to a nice place and get a good massage by the beach... oh...

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Puteri Gunung Ledang – The Musical

You must go see it!!! I repeat, MUST!

It was the best local theatrical experience for me -- Kalau tak salah, it's Malaysia's first very own West End scale production.

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Pix from

We (Papa Khalid, Tengku Hashim, Mokciknab and Husni), together with the rest of the audience at Istana Budaya gave the cast and crew a standing ovation.

Like the traditional Broadway or West End musical, the scenes of spoken dramatic dialogue were nicely punctuated with songs.

Tak ada moments too long until they became unbearable (tak macam yang selalu ada in our local productions yang syok terbawa-bawa meleret-leret).

The music was simply fantastic. I particularly liked “Melaka” and the haunting eerie cries of Gusti Puteri.

Pure magic – the combination of Dick Lee’s composition and the music feel of Roslan Aziz.

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Datin Seri Tiara Jacquelina
Pix from

Now, Datin Seri Tara Jacquelina... What can I say, Malaysia’s reigning screen and theatre queen – Bravo. The Best Actress at the 50th Asia Pacific Film Festival for her lead role in PGL -- The Movie was just excellent in the musical.

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Pix from

Stephen Rahman-Hughes – Powerful vocals. Though a bit of pronunciation ‘eks’ here and there, I must say, he was absolutely great – playing a role in Bahasa Malaysia (remember, he doesn’t speak Malay in London, OK). Bila dia nyanyi -- menangis kau -- suara power brader. Muka lawa bonus you....

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Pix from

And AC Mizal – wow, superb and Adlin Aman Ramli, nak buwek camno bang – dio ni memang handar. Presence yang kuat dan efektif.

Yes... MUST SEE for everyone.

Lepas PGL, makan time and I terus tak tido sampailah sekarang ni (yes, just finished my radio show on RED104.9).

My guests on RED were the nice people from Salt Media, Hisham Harun and Sharon Nelson.

We talked about Salt Media & Berita Publishing’s Inaugural Issue of Madam Chair magazine.

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Finally, a great magazine for the intelligent and successful women – but then again, men like the magazine too... How?

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Papa Khalid Ngetop

Papa Khalid -- you must make a comeback...

The time is right...

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Kita boleh organize road tour....

Papa Khalid kena setuju -- kata 'pi' saja, mamu-mamu akan start road tour satu Malaya. Chombi akan buat make-up.

Batik Kraton Mas dari Solo, Indonesia

Baju batik cantik menarik
pakai di hari mentari terik
hati budi perlulah baik
Jangan dilupa abang dan adik (juga adik-adik...)


Yeah deh... Mokciknab is back.

As usual Mokciknab, whenever she comes back, she will bring ole-ole from Indonesia – This time she got my baju size right, yahoo – it’s 3L (kerana orang kat sana comel-comel so my size kira besarlah ok....)

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And of course there’ll be lots of bercerita sessions – so malam ni, me, Mokciknab and Papa Khalid will hit the The Tarik joenezz.

We do miss Shazwan at the office....

Will keep you updated.

Tuesday, February 07, 2006


To all our friends,

Bapa Shazwan telah pun pulang ke Rahmatullah.


Me, Cekem, Mokciknab and Ian will always be here, there and everywhere for you. You take care now in Kuantan.

Saturday, February 04, 2006

Quddin: Playing with POP

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It was a fun gathering of friends at Gemarimba Gallery, Bukit Tunku -- To see Taquddin Bahro’s solo exhibition – “Quddin Playing with POP”.

The exhibition will be on till Mar 4, 2006.

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As usual Husni was the perfect host in a white sports jacket (reminded me of Menudo).

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Muluk and Husni

While enjoying Quddin’s various beautiful mix on canvas, I managed to catch up with Dina Zaman, Zaihani, Hazel and Habibah.

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Habibah of Warisan Benang Kapas and Hazel.

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Rizal of Gemarimba talking to Dina Zaman and Nisa Ismail. Gambar blurrr sebab tangan shaking -- apalah pasal.

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Husni & Lilin dalam sangkar (eden tak ghoti makno eh)

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Zaihani (sober...)

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Azreezal Hafidz of GLAM

You must go and see Quddin’s work. Interesting indeed...

BTW Gemarimba Gallery is located at B8, Taman Tunku Apartments, Jalan Langgak Tunku, Bukit Tunku, Kuala Lumpur.

Gemarimba’s number is 603-6201-3505.

Friday, February 03, 2006

Pix from Fraser's Hill

As promised, here are some of the pictures that we took during the trip to Fraser's Hill. For your guide to the pix:

Yang montel tu I -- sentiasa mengharap sesuatu yang ajaib akan berlaku di puncak bukit -- Gusti Retno Dumilah ker, Hang Tuah ker, Mak Mah ker, semua tak ada di puncak -- kecewa...watodo...

Yang bermisai tu Papa Khalid -- our resident psychiatrist -- eh, ni siapa yang shrink siapa? Yang pakai serengkop kepala is Shazwan -- Balik balik nama "C" yang disebut balik balik "C" -- apa kena nih?

Yang lagi satu tu, yang tak pasal-pasal terseret ke Fraser's Hill kerana tiada hala tuju waktu perayaan Tahun Anjing (Rizal ni budak Kolek , my super-dooper junior, MCKK class of 2000)

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Waiting to go up hill dekat GAP

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Me and Papa Khalid dengan pose duo-manja taklarat gitu

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Rizal, Me and Shazwan kesejukan

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Inilah keadaan after the hantu made its presence felt kat apartment Fraser's Hill tu. Muluk ngan Mak dah cakap dah tempat tu keras. Tapi bak kata Kak Julie, no it isn't -- nak pergi jugak. Kan dah... Malam-malam hantu dok cakar pintu tingkap, semua -- atau it's hantu Tarot Card yang nak beri alamat -- ini semua sendiri punya salah pasal tengok Tarot Card

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Next morning

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Selamat pagi

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Makan time

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Nice view