Tuesday, February 22, 2005

SEPET is brilliant

Yasmin... you are indeed a great story teller!!

My students and I went to TGV, at the Petronas Twin Towers yesterday to catch the premiere of SEPET, Yasmin Ahmd's latest film.

And true enough, the story was well written. That's what I was looking for -- good real script which is lacking in the world of Malaysian Films (or is it Malay films?).

There were cuts here and there, no thanks to censorship.

I think it's about time we have a rating system.

Yasmin's SEPET is about questioning why we have become so complicated when life can be simple and the very discusssion about it was cut.

For someone like me who is always on a look out for intellectually stimulating banters on screen (but unfortunately perceived as 'sensitive' when actually it's not), it was a real 'potong steam'.

Potong-potong ni to protect who? Especially the potong ones were not detrimental to 'national security'.

Itulah sahaja, sekian terima kasih.

Thursday, February 03, 2005

The RM2-00 Toilet at KLCC

Will you pay RM2 to use the premium toilet at the ground floor of KLCC? Well, I just had to experience it.

Yes, I paid 2 Ringgit, and ... there was a nice Toilet Attendant in the new renovated toilet complete with scented candles . There were three cubicles in the premium toilet. And the conversation...

Toilet Guy: Welcome Sir, let me open the door for you.
Moi: Thank you. (10 seconds later, realizing that he was still there, outside the door...)
Are you going to be here through out?
Toilet Guy: I'm here to assist you, Sir.
Moi: (Tried very hard not to make disgusting noise in the cubicle).
Toilet Guy: Are you alright Sir?
Moi: I think so.
Toilet Guy: Just tell me if you need anything.
Moi: (That's it, I have to do my 'job' elsewhere and came out of the cubicle).
Toilet Guy: Was everything ok Sir?
Moi: Extremely...

But I must say, the Toilet Guy was well trained.